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How Bad is Chlorine for Hair

Chlorine is usually put in water to destroy harmful bacteria that cause harm to the body. However, despite its benefits it’s still a harsh chemical that can destroy your hair when used in excess. Several studies show that chlorine can actually cause brittle hair, especially in individuals who regularly swim in chlorinated water. Below we will also discuss the other side effects of chlorine.

Loss of Elasticity and Natural Shine

Chlorine has the ability to remove all the natural oils present in your hair, thereby causing weak and brittle follicles that can easily get damaged or broken. When you dip your hair for a long period of time in a treated pool, the follicles will absorb chemicals found in the water hence causing your hair to dry.

Moreover, the compound is known to cause chemical reactions in the hair by altering follicle-cell properties. It also can disrupt the electrical charge of minerals found in the hair and reacting with them also. This may result in loss of pigmentation/color of the hair, meaning a person’s hair can change from its natural blond or black shade to a pale white color.

It can Cause Hair to Fall off

How Bad is Chlorine for Hair

Chlorine usually weakens structural bonds found in the fibers of hair. This can disrupt their structural integrity thus causing hair to fall off. When the chemical gets into contact with keratin, it results in the formation of water-soluble radical compounds. These compounds can cause crystallization inside the hair which makes their ends to split and weaken.

Additionally, chlorine may enter the cuticle which is the outer layer of hair cells and push up their natural protective scales. This may further make the hair to become rough and susceptible to unnecessary breakage.

Promotes the Formation of Free – Radicals that cause Aging of Hair

Research shows that chlorine found in treated water can actually foster the production of free-radicals. This will fasten the ageing process of hair and make them become weak. Moreover, since pool water often contains a higher concentration of chlorine than normal drinking water, the effects of free radicals can even be much worse on the hair.

How to Protect Your Hair from the Effects of Chlorine:

One of the safest ways to safeguard your hair from the harmful effects of this compound is to wet it with natural coconut oil, it should preferably be applied before taking a dip into the swimming to act as a barrier between your hair and the chemical treated water. Other products that may alternatively be used for the same effect include; silicon-based conditioner, olive oil and serum.

Additionally, consider wearing a swim cap. This will prevent most of the chlorinated water from entering your hair and causing damage. Moreover, after coming out of the swimming pool remember to treat your hair with some organic shampoo and rinse afterwards to remove any chlorine residue that may be left behind.

Bottom Line

Do you know the answer for how bad is chlorine for hair? Essentially, the chemical is quite destructive to human hair and can cause breakage or damage when in excess. However, there are certain steps you can take to prevent its harmful effects, such as applying coconut oil to your hair before taking a dip into the swimming pool. Whether you are looking for tips on a chlorine or saltwater pool, our team at Blue Pools Austin is prepared to help you with any questions you may have.

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